Panchasava- the ayurvedic tonic for skin, liver and stomach

liverSkin, liver and stomach, these are three parts of the body which can cause many diseases if you ignore the health of these three. Not so surprisingly, there are many people who are suffering from some or other health issues which are caused by the poor health of these three. To cure the diseases which are caused by them is not a hard task but for that, you have to use natural remedies. You must be thinking, why natural or Ayurvedic remedies and not allopathic? This is because allopathic medicines are made from chemicals and Ayurvedic remedies are not.

There are many remedies which can cure the diseases which are caused by these but Panchasava is something different. This is the article by which you can not only understand about Panchasava but also Panchasava- the Ayurvedic tonic for skin, liver, and stomach. So, let me throw some light on the remedy- Panchasava.

Health Benefits of Panchasava

panchasavPanchasava is an herbal medicine which is used to cure those diseases which are caused by poor digestive health. This remedy can also be used to cure nervous system disorders like neuralgia. Panchasava is made by combining five Asava/ Arishtha of Ayurveda. All of those are traditional ayurvedic medicines which are very effective and strong at their own level.

The herbs which contain this remedy are helpful in treating conditions by tackling the main cause of the disease and provide long-lasting relief. Panchasava contains 2-10 percent self-generated alcohol. It is a multipurpose oral liquid. This is the remedy which can cure the disease of the liver. Panchasava is the good source of iron and it can be used in the treatment of anemia. Panchasava for health is the perfect remedy and I can give many reasons to trust on this remedy. The first one is- it can cure piles.

-hemorrhoids-1. Piles

This is the condition which can be cured with the help of Panchasava. The herbs which are used in Panchasava helps in treating digestive problems like piles or worsen them such as chronic constipation and indigestion. This remedy can reduce the symptoms of piles like bleeding while passing stools and pain during defecation.

2. Anemia

anemia-This is another benefit of using Panchasava for health. It is very beneficial for the treatment of anemia. It ensures that the nutrients consumed by the person are absorbed into the blood efficiently.

skin-disorders-and-their-treatment-3. Skin disease

Panchasava for health is the ultimate cure because through this you can cure both internal and external diseases. Panchasava is the most effective treatment is the skin diseases like acne and eczema. It relieves the symptoms of immunological and allergic diseases which affect the skin like dermatitis and psoriasis.

4. Liver disorders

liverdisease-The hepatoprotective properties of Panchasava make this remedy more powerful. Panchasava for health is the remedy which can prevent damage to the liver cells. This medicine also protects liver cells against free radicals. It can prevent the change of DNA of the liver cells to reduce the risk of hepatic carcinoma.

These are some benefits of Panchasava for health is this enough for you to accept that this is the remedy which can cure these types of diseases constructively? If not, I can tell you more about this. This is one of the most important and potent remedies which has almost 60 ingredients in it. Yes, this is true this is made from 60 herbal ingredients.

Ingredients of Panchasava

ingredientsAs I mentioned that it is made from 60 ingredients. Here are 5 main and important ingredients of them. Balarishta, Drakshasav, Kumaryasav, Dashmoolarishta, Lohasava are those ingredients. These are the ingredients which make this remedy more potent and effective. This is the remedy which can cure these diseases which I have mentioned above very effectively in comparison of medicines.


dosage 2Although all the ayurvedic and natural remedies are safe but ayurvedic remedies are made from many and different-different types of herbs so it is important to take advice from your healthcare provider before you start taking this medicine. 12-24ml with equal amounts of water after meals is the safe dose of this remedy. This is an ayurvedic remedy so it should be used for at least 2-3 months for desired results.

So, use this astonishing remedy and cure skin, liver, and stomach related problems easily. I think there are no other remedies which can cure these types of diseases, what do you think?

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